about courses

Three years ago the first "Technical Course" in Russia was founded in the format: 70% - practice and 30% - theory, but 100% are honesty and sincerity. For three days from morning to evening, we delivered studies on the basics of designing decorations, created sculptures from polystyrene foam, made growth flowers from various plastics and isolon, designed mock-ups of decorative zones, glued oracal, pulled a banner, worked with light elements. All this is our experience, which is based on the path from a small workshop of hand-made gifts and postcards to a decor studio, which is known not only in Russia but also abroad. And we are happy to share this experience with you.
"There are no mysteries and secrets, we do not have price levels and VIP tickets. We tell you everything that we have known ourselves".
Till this very moment more than thirty courses have been held. We managed to inspire thousands of decorators and visited 19 cities: from Vladikavkaz to Vladivostok. The thing decorators need is clear concreteness in numbers, diagrams, drawings, estimates and ready-made solutions. It was proven long time ago that everything ingenious was simple. No matter how diverse our work was, almost all of them were built according to unified technological schemes. Over the years the main principles of the site development have been developed and the basic materials used for this have been determined. How and with what floors are covered, from what and how podiums, walls, ceilings are built. How desktop compositions are designed and created - from small to gigantic photo zones, interactive zones and much more.
"And I can say with confidence: I know what decorators want, well, or that they will come in handy!"
Along with this, how much can it cost, what is the benefit? Plus, experience in communicating with clients, organizers, contractors, employees, freelancers; "Intimate financial" relationships with each of them. The world is changing rapidly and the pace of life of modern man raises the level high. Time is priceless and every life minute is worth its weight in gold. Our course will save you at least three years of trial and error. We decided to get away from monotonous practices when we devoted all day only to polystyrene or growth flowers. Yes, it was great when the whole group inspired something beautiful with their own hands from a piece of material. But, as it turned out, ninety percent of decorators didn't need these skills, and the remaining ten would be enough to understand the theory and 15-minute practice.
"Well, and those who can't wait to work a lot with their own hands for a long time, we will gladly accept at our installations!"
That is why the practical part will be delivered like interactive quick cases - only the most important. And in order not to blow up your head within three days, so that, in addition to positive emotions and inspiration, specific tools and knowledge remain, we systematized all of the above in the methodological manual, prepared examples of all the necessary materials, and filled the digital media with our video content and examples of developed projects. You do not need to write in a hurry your notes and frantically try to photograph something. Everything will be simple, clear and comfortable.

Look forward to meet you!