Decorations. Installation. Production.

We teach how to create grand projects
We are proud with what we have behind our shoulders
9 years
This is a huge experience: from making handmade presents to million turnovers
355 projects
This is the amount of projects we've made: from the smallest one to grand ones
1671 participants
The quantity of our pupils for the last 3 years with whom we have shared our experiences while holding technical courses
34 cities
The number of cities we have been to with our master-classes in order to have the ambition to meet up with you
For whom are our courses?
For Decorators Newbies
If you don't know where to start from?
How decor studio works?
What skills do you have?
For experienced decorators
When you've stuck and you have no idea of what you are missing?
Where to get inspiration and strengths?
How to become a better version of yourself?
For people who dream to create
When you have a desire to create for your own soul, be inspired and to learn something new!



The program of the course
Technical course 2020
Contries we visited with our courses
Our favorite projects
The most beautiful projects of NeboDecor
What do you get from attending our courses?
3 days of master-classes
Three-day course with on-site
practical program
Theoretical experience in creating million-plus projects with examples and a full explanation
Advises for your business
We give you our advises and answer to your questions concerning your business
Official production with symbols of NeboDecor
Branded office materials
The courses conducted in 2019. Background.
Every year we try to present something new actual in our master-classes' programme,
the most interesting and useful tips from our experience.
How to apply for the course?
Choose your city
You need to choose the city you are interested in from the list and click on it
Fill in registration form
Enter your name and surname, your cell-phone number and e-mail so that our manager could contact you after data processing
Get a feedback
A manager will contact you within 2 working days and discuss all the registration details.
Pay a percentage of the cost to the specified account in order to reserve a place.
Prepare your questions
The way how we work on our projects
On our technical course we will tell you in details how to begin a project , how to produce and install, which difficulties you can surface and how to solve any problem.
For any questions
If you have questions or need our consultation fill it in below
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